La Massoneria nel corso della sua storia ha avuto come membri personaggi di spicco sia all’estero che in Italia. Diversi dei cosiddetti padri fondatori dell’America erano loro stessi dei massoni co…

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Qui di seguito ho elencato 13 motivi (fino ad ora conosciuti da me) per cui Bergoglio è massone.

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Srdjan Novakovic, Roma, Facebook Reporter Gennaio 2016 “L’Unione europea invita gli Stati membri delle Nazioni unite ad imporre sanzioni alla Russia, dichiarava il capo della diplomazia dell&…

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Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Published time: 22 Feb, 2016 13:53 Edited time: 22 Feb, 2016 15:25

Washington has dispatched more than 5,000 tons of ammunition to Germany, the largest amount in 10 years, the US military announced, adding that the shipment will help to “continue to enable the NATO alliance” and to defend its allies.

“This critical shipment will help us to continue to enable the NATO alliance, and the fact that it’s the largest single shipment in 10 years demonstrates our continued commitment to the defense of our allies,” 21st TSC chief of staff, Colonel Matthew Redding, said.

READ MORE: NATO sends warships to Aegean Sea to combat migrant trafficking

Maintaining a stockpile of ammunition means the US and NATO “can quickly draw ammunition in support of short notice NATO operations,” says Redding.

“All that effort pays off when we’re able to quickly deliver ammo and other supplies to those down-trace units…

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Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

I’m thinking that these sick-os know it is over, but on their way out they are going to destroy as many lives as they can! ~J

Published on February 20, 2016

US Media Bury the Three-Year Long Grudge Held by the Feds against Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer

In the latest development involving the Burns-OR Standoff case, the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training is asking the state Department of Justice to investigate Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer after receiving numerous complaints from the public and others, including dispatchers and the John Day police chief. The Department has released eight separate complaints, including ones from a 911 manager and the John Day police chief, alleging misconduct by Palmer, and raising alarm concerning Palmer’s association with leaders of the refuge occupation.

Sheriff Palmer, in 2013, landed on the very wrong side of the Obama Administration and its Fed muscles…

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Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Published on February 16, 2016
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Published February 12, 2016

Vaccines Forced On US Children Were Never Approved for Human Use – and Now Comes the Murderous WHO

All the new vaccines are DNA (or GMO) vaccines.  They are not the older vaccines people imagine in which a bit of antigen is injected into a child and they have a reaction that (allegedly) protects them from that antigen in the future.  No, these are third generation vaccines that while using the same name of the other vaccines (measles, mumps, etc.) are based on an entirely new technology that has never been approved for human beings.

As of last year, Wikipedia had an article on DNA vaccines, boasting of them.  Now, the vaccines touted as breakthroughs in science (HPV and Hepatitis B) are not mentioned and Wikipedia writes as though no DNA vaccines were in use in the…

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