Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

This is the article related to my statement in Syria – the rhetoric and the truth, by Thierry Meyssan, regarding the sea lanes of the Arctic affording a much shorter transit time for goods than the southern sea lanes. Also, in thinking about the Thierry Meyssan article, I have to wonder if the author  understands the absollute desperate insanity of the cabal. ~J


This column was written for the Unz Review:

Russia has embarked on a massive and much publicized effort to secure the 6’200km of her northern border and to be ready to defend her interests in the Arctic shelf up to 500km from her border. This means that 3’100’000 square kilometers of extremely difficult and inhospitable terrain will have to be secured. Why such a huge effort?

First and foremost, because of the need to protect the huge resources contained in the Siberian and Arctic shelves…

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