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Published on February 16, 2016
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Published February 12, 2016

Vaccines Forced On US Children Were Never Approved for Human Use – and Now Comes the Murderous WHO

All the new vaccines are DNA (or GMO) vaccines.  They are not the older vaccines people imagine in which a bit of antigen is injected into a child and they have a reaction that (allegedly) protects them from that antigen in the future.  No, these are third generation vaccines that while using the same name of the other vaccines (measles, mumps, etc.) are based on an entirely new technology that has never been approved for human beings.

As of last year, Wikipedia had an article on DNA vaccines, boasting of them.  Now, the vaccines touted as breakthroughs in science (HPV and Hepatitis B) are not mentioned and Wikipedia writes as though no DNA vaccines were in use in the…

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